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End of Season Comforts

You Can Grow That!

It is the start of what is forecast to be a cloudy, cool, rainy week. Yes, the dahlias and zinnias still bloom, and there is new lettuce and chard to be harvested in the vegetable garden. But although treasures still await harvest in the garden, and there are garlic and Cool-Wave […]

To Save or Let Go

Life is filled with choices. In the garden, certainly, we have many opportunities to make decisions about which plants to edit out and which ones to keep. Do we bring all the tender or tropical plants in for the winter or let them die in the cold? Some of these determinations are based on whether […]

Embracing Change

One of the talks I give is about the eight rules for being a successful gardener. Since none of these guidelines concerns soil, watering, planting or fertilizer, they are applicable to most areas of life. One of the rules is to embrace change. Plants are constantly growing, the weather shifts with the seasons and other […]

Planting Personal Peace

How often have you come home after a hectic day desperate to regain even a smidgen of serenity? We lead busy lives that range from rich with experiences and accomplishments to crowded with crisis and coping strategies. At the end of the day it’s a blessing if we can come home to place of peace.


Plants That go the Distance

Here we are in late September and we are still eating out of the garden. Two vegetables are particularly impressive right now; I’m continuing to love a squash I’ve planted for five years plus a pepper from Burpee that is my new BFF. Tonight the two got together for dinner…our dinner.

What impresses me about […]

We Can Grow This – Really!

Regular and sporadic readers of this blog know that back in the fall of 2011 I proposed that this phrase would be useful for the promotion of plants and gardening. Since I think that horticulture and the gardening enhances just about every aspect of life, my goal is always to share that message with […]

Shorter Days

Sunset comes earlier and earlier at this time of year so we have to savor all light when we have it.

Celebrating the setting sun as it lights up my "fireworks" themed Annual Alley.

Good and Willing Editors

I’ve done four consultations in the past month for people who hate to throw a plant away. When anything has seeded that they recognize, they have either let the plant stay in that location or transplanted it elsewhere on the property. Some have divided perennials such as Siberian iris and Shasta daisies and have put […]

Got Space?

Have I got a plant for you. In northern climates it dies to the ground in the winter and returns next spring to grow from nothing into a shrub-like plant that’s six feet in all directions. Talk about renewal! The leaves are a nice, fine texture all summer and they are even thick enough to […]

Search Engine Plant ID

A few years ago the phrase “Let me Google that for you” became a running joke at our New Year’s celebration. Our friends, Jesse and Maya, told us about a website with that name and soon it became the answer to all random questions and comments such as, “What ever became of…” and “How does…” […]