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Party Crashers

Three years ago I planted two varieties of Amaranthus, Tower Red and Tower Green. They did OK, and were interesting, but nothing I wanted to grow from seed again. This year they were back, big time. The red variety self-seeded and the cutting garden was filled with volunteer seedlings. I pulled some out, and left others so that I could see what they did. They grew to over six feet tall and are a striking, dramatic presence in the cutting garden. In fact, I had to edit about a third of them out because they were shading the dahlias. These plants weren’t invited or planned, but that makes them even more exciting.

Sometimes the best parties are the ones where the guests are unexpected.

2 comments to Party Crashers

  • HI C.L.: Unexpected Guests some times are the best company. Over the years we have had many, some plants and some other creatures. Lots of enjoyment looking at and watching them.

    Have a wonderful day,

  • Sue

    I have the most wonderful Amaranthus (A. erythrostachys) that has been reseeding in my garden for many years. The original plant was purchased as an annual and through some stroke of luck I kept the original nursery tag which is the only reason I know the latin. Apparently seeds are almost impossible to find. It resents being moved, gets huge and does require spring editing. But oh, what a beauty! I can’t imagine my garden without it.