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Unstoppable Change

Yesterday as Sandy’s storm began to fade I went out to the garden to take some pictures. Last Saturday was a brilliant, warm fall day but in 48 hours we’ve moved into winter. Or November at any rate. Sandy blew October into 2013 and pulled the dormant, dreaming season in behind her. It was a […]

Free to Explore

I spent part of my day culling through the images in my photo library. It’s embarrassing to admit how many not-too-horrible but definitely not useable photographs I’ve held onto. Some of it is the same belief that causes my basement to be filled with stuff: this might be useful someday…

The baskets, floral supplies, […]

A Last Hurrah

After seeing Salvia mexicana ‘Limelight’ in a garden a few years ago I knew I wanted to grow it even though it isn’t hardy on Cape Cod. So this past spring I ordered some from Digging Dog Nursery and planted them in late May. They sulked early in the season when it was cool at […]

Unexpected Angels

We feed the birds all year long, delighting in the permanent residents at Poison Ivy Acres as well as the temporary visitors that are passing through. From bluebirds to bluejays, cardinals to chickadees, crows and morning doves, we love them all. The constant motion and color that they bring to our landscape is delightful. Each […]


Why does it seem that in some periods you can be very busy but manage to get everything done, while at other times you’re constantly playing catch up? Occasionally time seems elastic, and in your corner, but in other periods it’s less accommodating. Or is it just me?

Dan and I spent much of last […]

A Must-Have Annual

Dear Nicotiana mutabilis, This is just a quick note to say thanks, once again, for being a great plant in my garden. You’re so reliable at showing up in early summer and then flowering from mid-summer into November. I’m very glad that you’re tolerant of light frosts because it means that you’re still around in […]

Color & Rest

You Can Grow That!

I was in a garden today that reminded me about two important things: color and rest. The gardener, Alan Richards, used bold colors very effectively on walls, furniture and garden ornaments. Once again I thought of how New Englanders are just too darn timid when it comes to putting color in […]


I arrived at the Garden Writer’s Association annual meeting site yesterday. We’re in Tucson, AZ, and once again I’m pleased that this meeting moves to a new location every year. It’s always interesting to see how people garden in climates that are different from ours because it stimulates our thinking and imagination. In seeing how […]

Harvest Meal 2

The first evening fire in the wood stove calls for a warming meal from the garden. Tonight it is winter squash soup. This is an easy to make recipe that tastes like a fancy, company dish but is actually simple and quick to cook.

Autumn Soup Made While Answering Email

1 Winter Squash (I used […]

Harvest Meal

As the produce from the garden dwindles, it becomes more important to celebrate what we do have: the last of the eggplant and the final basil harvests. Last night we relished what may be the last fresh pesto (we’ve got a bunch frozen) with a harvest of eggplant and garden tomato sauce. A toast to […]