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Color & Rest

You Can Grow That!

I was in a garden today that reminded me about two important things: color and rest. The gardener, Alan Richards, used bold colors very effectively on walls, furniture and garden ornaments. Once again I thought of how New Englanders are just too darn timid when it comes to putting color in our gardens. In Alan’s garden there were some hidden seating areas as well, so I thought of how important these are in the landscape. Be they build in to the hardscape, as he did it, or benches and chairs placed in the property, such features remind us to rest. Frankly, rest isn’t something Americans are very good at, so it’s helpful when the garden can serve to prompt us in this direction.

3 comments to Color & Rest

  • Nancy

    Love the concept but unfortunately some of us only rest when we are forced to by company, vacations, or physical limitations.

  • While it looks OK for a tropical or arid environment I am not so sure it fits in the neighborhood. Would like to be the neighbor having to view that wall unless it is softened by plant material.

    Looks here like an architect went and bought a few house plants…………
    Interesting as an art exhibit but for a garden…not so sure

    Greg Draiss
    The Real Dirt on Gardening

  • admin

    Greg, You’re looking at this Arizona landscape with east coast eyes! In AZ, this place is lushly planted. I just returned from touring public and private gardens and nurseries there, and it was a great visit. Would I want to live in such a climate? No, but it was great to see and learn from. More pics today…