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For 2013

A Merry, Happy, Frosty

and Peaceful Christmas to all.


Winter Plant Support Has to be Ugly

Another popular misconception…

I have a ‘Sky Pencil’ Japanese Holly near my kitchen door that is starting to approach basketball player status in height. If it could jump the NBA would have an exciting new player…all those branches to dribble with! Since this shrub is firmly rooted to the ground, however, it remains outside my […]

Garden Graphics

One thing I love about winter is being able to see the skeletons of trees. Their framework is endlessly interesting, informative and entertaining. Some trees are filled with tiny twigs while others are sparer or even sleek. One tree sprawls horizontally while another has branches that reach straight upward into the sky.

The bones of […]

Respite and Rejuvenation

Winter is the definition of the word respite: a brief interval of rest. Even the plants in my veggie garden that I’m still harvesting for dinner aren’t actively growing. I cut the chard, lettuce, cilantro and pak choi knowing that they aren’t likely to regrow. Shrubs, perennials and trees that keep their foliage or semi-evergreen […]

Late Harvest

Only one quarter of the veggie garden still contains plants, and these grow thinner as we harvest. Still, to be eating from the garden on the thirteenth of December is a real blessing and we don’t take it lightly. Some of tonight’s dinner came from the garden (chard, kale and pak choi), some from the […]

Garden Humor: You Can Grow That!

Or if not actually grow it, you can add it to what you’ve grown.

I move one birdbath from the garden up to my covered porch every winter so that it won't crack. In December I like to make a fresh arrangement birdbath topper, and today was my day to do this. I […]

The Importance of The Pot

Garden geeks focus primarily on plants, and with good reason. The plant is where the action is…where growth and life exists. We’re willing to acknowledge, however, that the environment where that plant grows is equally important. The soil, moisture, and all the intertwined biology and wildlife matter to that plant’s ability to survive and grow.


New Eyes…You Can Grow That!

As we enter into winter I’m reminded of the ways a garden helps keep our lives fresh and new. Living where there is a dramatic change in the weather from season to season already prompts us to accept change, and the altered landscape calls us to view our immediate surroundings with fresh eyes. As […]

Out For Dinner

After a busy weekend at the garden center I needed a boost for Sunday night’s dinner. It was getting dark when I arrived home but when I took The Dog out I could still clearly see the vegetable garden. I knew immediately what would nourish my body and soul: going out for dinner. Out to […]