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New Eyes…You Can Grow That!

As we enter into winter I’m reminded of the ways a garden helps keep our lives fresh and new. Living where there is a dramatic change in the weather from season to season already prompts us to accept change, and the altered landscape calls us to view our immediate surroundings with fresh eyes. As a gardener this is a double challenge.

We must let go of the color and abundance of the growing season and embrace the warmth of shelter and turning inward. At the same time the seed catalogs are arriving and we are thinking toward spring.

It’s also apparent that the choices we’ve made when planting have consequences throughout the year. If we’ve picked plants that keep their foliage, have berries or catch the snow in interesting ways, our enjoyment of winter is increased. And yet, in the springtime, when flowers tempt us at every turn, it’s difficult to think about how our landscape will look when it’s covered in frost or snow. We are in the present but tied to both the past and future.

So the gift of growth that I receive from my gardens this month is the message that plants have something to give us twelve months a year. The garden offers seasonal prompts, or tap-on-the-shoulder messages, to see all of life with new eyes.

Winter reminds us that the plants we choose, and the colors we put on structures, can give pleasure even when the weather is most unwelcoming.

5 comments to New Eyes…You Can Grow That!

  • Awww… How heartwarming. And perhaps, come spring- I’ll paint the shed door.

  • Beautifully written with exquisite insights. I am now seeing the mistakes from my first year of gardening in this house but you remind me I will be able to remedy them in the spring. Thank you!

  • I think a snow storm is one of natures beautiful things. It is ever changing and moving in different ways. When all is said and done the sun comes out everything is white and brilliant. Looking pristine.

    Have a wonderful evening,

  • Hmmm… I want a green house.

  • Although I complain about the piles of snow and the rain, when the sun does come out it feels extra special. It gives me energy to go out in the garden and see the wonders of growth. I have had some losses and some new surprises in the garden due to the changes of the season. I wouldn’t want it any other way.
    Thanks for giving me a moment to reflect on this.