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Planting Shelter for the Birds

A Gardening Life – February 14

During our last snow storm I discovered why a bit of neglect might be a good thing: I inadvertently created a place of protection for the birds. A refuge for wildlife in the winter? You can grow that!

During our last snow storm I discovered why a bit of […]

Meyer Lemons Indoors

The Gardening Life – February 11

If you are a gardener, one of the joys of winter can be picked off of an indoor citrus tree. Large, round, fragrant Meyer lemons are waiting to be harvested in my kitchen right now and I’ll have several more ripening over the next three months. Think fresh fish […]

Quick Start Comfort Cookies

Whenever you need comfort food, you can’t go wrong with a cup of cocoa and my Oatmeal Maple Walnut cookies. Note: This is comfort food, not health food. Besides, the oatmeal and the butter cancel each other out.

1 and ½ sticks of butter 1 cup light brown sugar ½ cup granulated sugar 2 Tablespoons […]

Hardy Hibiscus

A Gardening Life – February 7th

It’s off that I never came across hardy hibiscus early in my gardening years. Strange given how showy, reliable, and easy this perennial is. There weren’t as many varieties of Hibiscus moscheutos around then, but still…someone must have been growing them. These plants are as dependable as peonies and […]

Love? You Can Grow That!

Imagine living in a kaleidoscope of colors: rich violet or midnight blues, sunny yellows, calming lavender and heart-stopping pinks. The shades slowly appear and change around you, set against a background of soothing, lush greens. Color? Love it…and you can grow that!

You might be picky about which colors you wear, paint on your walls, […]

Unreal Landscape Photos

A Gardening Life – February 1 Every day I see garden pictures posted on Facebook and Pinterest that are super-saturated and colorful. Many of them are beautiful or entertaining, but they lie to us…twice. First because they are often given titles, or included in albums that make you believe that this is how the landscape […]