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When Identical Plants Aren’t Growing Identically

It’s always possible to make plants grow identically: another popular misconception.

It’s common for callers to GardenLine to ask about a plant that’s not doing well in comparison to others. “I planted two of these and one is fine but the other looks sick,” they might say. Or “There are three and two are fine […]

Gardening Is A Language

A Gardening Life (All questions heard at a garden center.)

“Do you have low-biscus? I don’t have room for high.” He asked me so sincerely that I didn’t bat an eye.

“The tag says ‘plant in full sun’” another customer said “But I want to plant today, though the clouds are overhead.”

I did not […]

You Can Grow That!

Lettuce in March

A Gardening Life – March 23

We are harvesting lettuce daily from our solar heated shed. It faces south and is insulated, so once the sun is warm in February it doesn’t go below freezing inside the building. The Smart Pots we used this year were moved inside this shed after we harvested the last […]

5 Reasons to Plant Crocus

A Gardening Life – March 22

Since these are small bulbs they don’t have to be planted too deeply. It’s easy to dig holes for crocus, even in clay soils. Crocus self-seed and spread. There is nothing that lifts spirits more than seeing an entire lawn filled with flowers in the spring. According to Witchapedia, […]

March is for Pruning

A Gardening Life – March 17

In the northeast March isn’t the month that beckons us out into the garden. In some states the snow cover remains while in other areas we almost wish that the white stuff was still hiding the brown, dead landscape. On close examination there are signs of spring: buds swell […]


A Gardening Life – March 14

I was speaking at Blithewold yesterday and had the pleasure of connecting with Gail Read, their Gardens Manager. She invited me to stop by the Blithewold greenhouses after my talk. On a cloudy March day, who could say no to a fellow plant person and a greenhouse?

Being surrounded […]

The Quirky Turkey

A Gardening Life – March 11

When the animals were made by God, tigers, squirrels, toads, dogs and cod.

Birds must have been his special passion: beauty that soars in feathered fashion.

Colorful garb and bodies sleek from slender legs to useful beak.

From tiny […]

When Doing Nothing Isn’t An Option

“Well, the plant is dead, but maybe there’s something that might help with that?” or “Surely there is a product I can spray so that whatever this is doesn’t spread.”

The questioner wants to know which product to buy in the dead of winter that will kill off possible grub invasions. They want to spray […]

Roseanne Roseannadanna Was Right

It’s always something…