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When Doing Nothing Isn’t An Option

“Well, the plant is dead, but maybe there’s something that might help with that?”  or “Surely there is a product I can spray so that whatever this is doesn’t spread.”

The questioner wants to know which product to buy in the dead of winter that will kill off possible grub invasions. They want to spray their shrubs to treat the insect damage that happened a year ago. Or they ask what could be spread on the soil that will prevent any and all diseases and insects, forever and ever amen.

As someone who is called upon to give garden and landscape advice to homeowners, I hear such comments all the time. In these situations I’m often delivering the news that no one wants to hear: “Don’t do anything.”

For these and hundreds of other gardening dilemmas, there is now relief. Plantcebo!

Plantcebo! can be used to treat any garden problem whether there’s an accurate diagnosis or not. Insects, fungi, poor watering practices, and the whims of nature are just a few of the landscape difficulties where Plantcebo! might be the answer. It can be used at any time of year, on any plant, and as often as necessary.

With Plantcebo! in your garden shed, you’ll be feeling better soon.

Available in Garden Centers on April 1st. (Please read the label carefully. Inactive ingredients include H2O, powdered dreams, optimism, and best wishes with traces of control fantasies. Use as directed.)

6 comments to When Doing Nothing Isn’t An Option

  • Got a big smile out of this! Thanks!

  • Hi C.L.: I think we should patent that and sell it for $25.00 per pail. Might be surprised how many orders we could get.

    Have a great evening,

  • admin

    You’re probably right, John. We might be able to retire in style!

  • Cynthia R.

    I’ve often joked about putting DI water in a fancy bottle with a label called “Super-Duper-Thrive” and use that as my tie in item when the customer just HAS TO buy something to try and remedy their inability to leave well enough alone. ( Call now! and for a limited time I’ll DOUBLE your order and throw in forced enthusiasm at no extra cost!)

  • admin

    Love it, Cynthia! How about the purchase of Super-Duper-Thrive also comes with half of of Patience!

  • Used to be a product advertised (did anyone actually buy it?) called “instant water”. You know, just add water…