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Dividing Perennial Plants

A Gardening Life – April 29

I had a crack team of Master Gardeners in my garden today. We were digging up perennial plants and potting them for the Master Gardener Plant sale on May 18th.

Perennial gardeners have to be good editors. Some plants spread, and others die out in the center of clumps […]

Garden Design Outside the Box

A Gardening Life – April 26

Sometimes we plant in our gardens treating the existing objects, plants and features as if they have to be there. Just because there was a raised bed in that area doesn’t mean it has to stay and that you have to continue to fill it with plants. Just because […]

Interested in Moving Forward?

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Fixing Snow Damaged Arborvitae

Arborvitaes are multi-stemmed plants so when heavy, wet snow falls sticks to the foliage these stems are pulled apart. What used to be a slim, green plant suddenly resembles the Wizard of Oz scarecrow pointing in two directions. “Of course, some people go both ways.”

Such split arborvitae stems can become permanently bent and the […]

Anemone blanda

A Gardening Life – April 14

Every year in the early spring I fall in love with Anemone blanda. “I should plant more of these,” I say to myself. The intense purplish blue flowers would be appreciated any month that they might open in the garden, but they are especially valued in April when flowers […]

A Spring Day in the Garden

Which version do you think is true?

A Gardening Day – Version #1

I want to get the Carex ‘Evergold’ transplanted so I go to the tool rack where the shovels are hung. They are shiny and clean from the scrubbing and oiling we gave them last fall. I take one down and move the […]

The Best Fertilizer

A Gardening Life – April 6

Sharing the Wealth

Go into your garden frequently with no direct purpose except to observe. Pull weeds when they are small – even 15 minutes a day will help prevent tiny plants from turning into a big difficulty. By walking through your garden frequently you’ll be able to […]

Getting Real: You Can Grow That!

A Gardening Life – April 4

This quote is currently making the rounds: You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.

Words to live by, and there’s no better way to take them to heart than to plant vegetables. When you grow your own food, it certainly isn’t fast. In […]

Phony Photosynthesizers Alert!

A Gardening Life – April 1

This is serious stuff so I thought I’d better pass it on here: If you see strange root markings on your roses, coreopsis, or daylilies, beware! You might have ‘Knockoff’ roses, ‘Faux Moon’ or ‘Big Bogus’ coreopsis, and ‘Stella D’Ceit’ daylilies.

According to the Department of Horticultural Security, gardeners […]