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Smart Container Liners

A Gardening Life – May 29

Have you ever planted a large or heavy container in the spring only to wonder how you’re going to save those plants once fall arrives? You might not want to drag such pots or boxes inside, yet you don’t wish to dig the plants out and disturb their roots […]

Red in the Garden

A Gardening Life – May 19th

When it comes to choosing colors for the garden it’s surprising how many people tell me, “I like any color but red.” Maybe the slogan from the Cold War era, better dead than red, is so deeply embedded that it’s turned millions away from appreciating this hue. I have […]

For My Mother

A Gardening Life – May 12

As I walk around my garden on this Mother’s Day I count my blessings and know that so many of them have come to me from my mother. Some of my abilities are inherited from her and are undoubtedly genetic, but it took the greenhouse of her care […]

A Garden Must: Spring Color

A Gardening Life – May 8

Nearly all of my consultation clients want more color in their landscapes and who can blame them. Nature’s neutral is the color green…a lovely hue but so ubiquitous that we take it granted as the background of our lives. Green is the perfect setting for all the other colors […]

Gratitude: You Can Grow That!

A Gardening Life – May 4

As I walk around my early-May landscape it is a lesson in the attitude of gratitude. Every square foot of land contains a blessing, but only if I have the right approach to receive it. The spring garden is the perfect place to practice a capacity for appreciation and […]