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The Best Time To Prune

I pruned my Pinky Winky Hydrangeas this morning. Yes, it’s the very end of June and yes, I probably should have pruned this plant in April or May. The flowers on this shrub turn gray and stiff over the winter…unlike other hydrangeas the remains of last year’s blooms don’t just drop off.

Although I noticed […]

Unattractive Areas in the Landscape

A Gardening Life – June 25

Everyone has them. There are always places in the yard and garden that aren’t finished, are rough and funky, or are simply less than appealing. Sometimes we fence them off and other times we place plants in front of them. Consider, however, that totally screening such areas isn’t always […]

Stick Screening for the Garden – an idea that worked

A Gardening Life – June 17

Do you have an area that needs screening but you want something that blends into the garden? That was my situation; we have a brush pile and compost area that is necessary but less than attractive. My initial thought was to plant some Emerald Green Arborvitaes in front of […]

Something is Eating My Annuals, Vegetables, and Seedlings

A Gardening Life – June 11 See of this sounds familiar: you planted small annuals and within three days their fresh, green leaves are tattered and torn. Or the vegetable seeds you planted last week poked out of the ground only to disappear.

One day that little bean plant was poking out of the soil […]

Peonies and Rain

A Gardening Life – June 7

It is peony season and rain is in the forecast. If you’ve grown this wonderful perennial you know what happens to the huge flowers in the rain. Before the storm you had a beautiful, colorful garden and afterwards you have heavy flowers in the mud.

Those who stake their […]

Color in Dry Areas? You Can Grow That!

A Gardening Life – June 4

If your garden is near the road, chances are it’s hot and dry. Asphalt and concrete absorb heat so the soil near these surfaces is usually drier than gardens located elsewhere. And then there’s the matter of the hose or irrigation reaching that far…

When we moved to Poison […]

A New Cutting-Garden Perennial

A Gardening Life – June 2

We know that the gardening season is well underway when there is finally a choice of cutting flowers for bouquets. Peonies, Nepeta, lady’s mantle, and Salvia are old favorites for early summer bouquets. But this year I’ve discovered a new must-have plant for this group of classic cutting garden […]