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Birdhouses and Gardens

There is something that is just so perfect about a birdhouse in a garden. Perhaps it’s because such avian dwellings usually look like miniature houses where people might live… if they could fly. Maybe it’s because those who love flowers almost always enjoy birds as well, or it could be that it’s merely the contrast […]

Wise Words

Exclamation Points in the Garden

Writers are often warned to use exclamation points very sparingly. In fact, some say that every writer should only be issued three to use for that writer’s entire life! Whoops, there’s one! OMG…now I’ve used up two! No, three…I haven’t even started to rave about a plant and I’ve squandered my life’s quota.

Using this […]

Does A Perfect Garden Exist?

A Gardening Life – July 8

You know the answer, right? Of course not. But sometimes I think those of us in the garden communication business are prone to pretending that it does. We take photos of our gardens when they look great and we write at length about our successes. This is understandable since […]

Growing Blueberries

A Gardening Life – July 7th

I picked blueberries yesterday. The early bearing varieties are now filled with large, ripe fruit that needs to be harvested daily. Last year we picked these early berries and looked forward to the others that mature later in July, but we never saw that second and third crop of […]

Independence From Hum-Drum Shade Plantings

You can grow that!

For too many years we’ve fallen back on the same old same old for shade: Impatiens. The arrival of Impatiens downy mildew has pulled us out of our comfortable ruts and forced gardeners, homeowners and landscapers to try something new. On this Fourth of July gardeners can declare their independence […]