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Plant Combinations

A Gardening Life – September 29

There are many books, articles and blog posts on plant combinations. You can plan your gardens according to the shades of flowers and foliage textures and colors…or a combination of both. Some design according to height or the time of bloom and these are also important considerations when placing […]

Lessons From The Garden

The interesting thing is that most people look at this and think that I’m only talking about the garden. I am vowing to “plant” beauty in all aspects of life, every day. This is “Whole Life Gardening” after all.

Cooking With Yellow Tomatoes

One of the joys of the September vegetable garden is the glut of tomatoes. Large, small, red, yellow and green, they hang from the plants even as those vines succumb to cooling temperatures and blight. Our meals at this time of year tend to be tomato celebrations since we know that we won’t taste this […]

Large, Showy Plants and True BLUE Flowers

Two plants stole the show last weekend when my garden was open as a fundraiser for the Barnstable Education Foundation. Their habit is completely different, but they were the most asked-about varieties. Lespedeza thunbergii ‘Gibraltar’ is a perennial that looks like a shrub. If you plant this, be sure to allow at least eight feet […]

Annuals for Dry Places

Want a tapestry of color on a dry slope? Have I got some annuals for you. I have a south-facing slope in front of my garden shed that’s been covered with mulch for the past six years that it was time to plant on this summer. It’s a spot where I seldom water next to […]


Front Porch Privacy? You Can Grow That!

If you have a front porch that’s a pleasant place to sit, but you’d like just a bit more screening from the street, think plants for porches. By placing selected plants in pots you can create a pleasing display along with just enough of a barrier to provide a separation between street and house without […]

The Garden Driven Dinner

It’s often thought that living in a country where you can buy lettuce, strawberries or broccoli twelve months a year is a blessing and we are more healthy for it. Maybe we are and maybe not. There are some who believe that we should only “eat in season,” consuming the plants that are naturally available […]