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Drought Stress

As I walked The Dog in Osterville’s Armstrong-Kelley Park today I couldn’t help but notice how dry everything is. The paths were dusty under the pine needles and oak leaves. In fact, the oaks have shed their foliage much earlier than normal and they have been dropping leaves at the same time as the birch […]

How To Pitch Your Book or Product

Promoting your new book or product? Do you want your local media to talk about your event, business or cause? Here are 4 tips from a writer/radio host who gets pitched to all the time:

1. Never send a press release as an attachment. These get dumped without even opening the email.

2. Take the […]

A Trough Garden Tale

Last winter I decided that my back deck needed some trough gardens. Normally when gardeners think about troughs it’s the stone variety like those described books such as Creating and Planting Garden Troughs. I wasn’t craving stone or hypertufa, however…I was thinking livestock. Specifically, a metal Behlen tub that is commonly used to feed and […]

Bringing Plants Indoors

Over the past week I’ve brought a few plants in every day. I have an assortment of tropicals, succulents, and houseplants that go out for summer camp every year and come back indoors once temperatures begin to fall. Usually my goal is to get them inside when the night temperatures routinely begin falling to 50 […]

A Celebration of the Season

An iPhone camera celebration of fall.

I took The Dog on a walk down Stowe Road this afternoon and was delighted by all that a beautiful October day brings.

I know that grape vines can overwhelm and even kill trees, but at this time of year as they yellow I have to love […]

Flopping Montauk Daisies

I title this post intentionally because one of the most common questions I hear is about this fall-flowering perennial. “How do I keep my Montauk daisies from falling over?” or “When do I cut my Montauk daisies back so that they don’t fall over?”

Montauk daisies, aka Nippon daisies or Nipponanthemum nipponicum, are a favorite […]

Every Foodie Needs a Vegetable Garden

Yup. If you’re a foodie, whenever possible you must grow your own. I understand that those in cities usually need to be content with farmer’s markets and CSA’s, but if you have a sunny porch, deck, or yard, start planning next year’s vegetable garden now. Why? There are four reasons that food lovers should grow […]

Why I Love Killing Plants and You Should Too

For those concrete thinkers among you I must declare up front: I’m not just talking about plants and gardening here. In every place that I mention something horticultural you could substitute something else that you’ve killed and get the message. Think about that job you didn’t get or were fired from. Consider the business you […]

Politicizing Plants?

I’m a total garden geek, so you know I love to try new plants. It’s fun to discover newly introduced varieties that might be the next gold standards and my listeners and readers enjoy hearing about the latest introductions as well. So when a box of sample plants arrives on my doorstep my reaction is […]

Goodwill – You Can Grow That!

Here’s a recipe for growing goodwill and harvesting smiles: Ingredients Dahlias Zinnias ‘Blue Horizon’ Ageratum Other cutting flowers so you can “season to taste”

Plant annuals and perennials with the aim of sharing the wealth. Water and fertilize as needed over the growing season. Pick and share liberally.

It’s a simple recipe, but one that […]