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Things That Grow Too Well

There are times when something we’ve planted grows well…and then keeps on growing. And growing, and growing. Every season such plants take over more territory, crowd out neighboring selections, and generally behave like assertive thugs.

Some gardeners love such plants. They enjoy the spreading and gladly dig and share the excess with friends and neighbors. […]

Fall Clean Up

A Gardening Life – November 17

At this time of year I often get the following comments and questions: “Can I cut my perennials all the way down in the fall?” “Do I have to clear out the flower garden before winter?” and “Have you finished putting your garden to bed?”

These were running through […]

The Permission Tree

We had a first snowfall today so as soon as I got home I went out with my camera. I posted a picture of the persimmon tree to my facebook page, saying that this tree and I aren’t quite ready for deep winter. One of my friends commented that she’d initially misread my comment as […]

An End of the Gardening Season Thank You

Dear Gardens, The forecast for Tuesday night says it’s going down in the 20’s, so for many of you this is our last night together. I know that it hasn’t been the easiest of seasons with the cold, wet June and less than adequate rain for the rest of the summer and fall. You tomatoes […]

Random Smiles – You Can Grow That!

Your garden has the power to grow smiles. Whether you have a huge property or containers on the balcony, in all most seasons of the year you are cultivating the potential for surprising acts of cheer and kindness. We have the power to make someone’s day in the most positive way with give-away bouquets.

Imagine […]