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A New Book for the New Year

I’m pleased to announce that Coffee For Roses is now available for pre-orders on Amazon.  It’s been such fun to write!

2 comments to A New Book for the New Year

  • C.L.: Interesting subject, many so called myths are proven to be good when evaluated by scientific methods. Then there are many that don’t prove out. Looking forward to your book, hoping you did the research well. Which I am sure you did. Like the cover, hits the subject right on.

    Have a wonderful evening,

  • Chris Elmer

    Happy to learn your book will soon be here! I plan on purchasing several copies for Mother’s Day and Birthday gifts this year. This is my first time commenting on line. I have am a very uncomfortable computer person. More of face to face type. However, i know I do miss a lot by not accessing the internet more frequently. Hey, if it’s okay for C.L. Fonari, then I will try to get with the program this New Year! Warm Regards, Chris E