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Pruning Mediation

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – April 8

I pruned several of my hydrangeas today, cutting off old flowers and dead branches. This spring task is pretty time consuming because it’s not a job that can be hurried.

How big leaf hydrangeas are to be pruned, be they mop-head or lace-cap, is one of the frequent […]

New Plants For My Garden!

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – April 1

It’s a great time of year to work in a garden center. Summer bulbs and bare-root plants fill the racks in the store while the trucks roll into the nursery outside. Today I was thrilled to see that the new line of Sock Puppet Dahlias was in! This […]

Conditions For Growth

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 22

After several days of unusually warm weather the garden is starting to explode. I could practically watch the daylilies grow higher and seeds begin to sprout. Unfortunately, we’ve had little rainfall in the past three weeks so soils are dry. I’ve spent the past three days positioning sprinklers, […]


Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 21

I’ve featured my bamboo cloches in this blog before so you know how much I love them. Imagine how upset I was when one blew away last week after a night of very strong winds. Despite the weights and ties, one basket broke free and disappeared. I looked […]

Community? You Can Grow That!

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 4th

The idea is this: on the fourth of each month, garden bloggers share four words with their readers: You Can Grow That! Followed by a few more words about some aspect of plants and gardening that people might consider cultivating. Today was the first Garden […]

Seeing Color, Growth and Joy

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 2

We can’t control much of what happens in our lives, but we can keep our eyes open for color, growth and joy. And any time we notice these gifts, even in small doses, we need to stop to acknowledge and savor them.

Throughout the day today this is […]

One Word

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 15

In the movie The Graduate, young Benjamin was given one word of advice by a friend of the family: “Plastics.” Whether you’re young or old, on this Garden Bloggers Bloom Day I have a different recommendation:

Seeing Differently

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – January 21

When I got up this morning it was a bit misty outside, but there was no significant precipitation as I drove into the station. Two hours later, when GardenLine ended, the snow was falling and the roads were getting slick. I was pleased to pull into my garage […]

A Cure For The Common Cold

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – December 5

No, I haven’t found one. Yet.

We gardeners are prone to optimism.

This morning I woke up with heavy lungs and a sore throat. I’m doing my usual routine of hot baths and a tea made with copious amounts of fresh ginger and cayenne pepper, but I’m adding […]

Fall Color

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – November 10

I have a friend who’s a sucker for fall color and at this time of year I know why. It’s dark by five o’clock, and the temperatures are dropping, so we need every opportunity to celebrate the outdoors that we can find. The colorful foliage on deciduous plants […]