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We Can Grow This – Really!

Regular and sporadic readers of this blog know that back in the fall of 2011 I proposed that this phrase would be useful for the promotion of plants and gardening. Since I think that horticulture and the gardening enhances just about every aspect of life, my goal is always to share that message with […]

Shorter Days

Sunset comes earlier and earlier at this time of year so we have to savor all light when we have it.

Celebrating the setting sun as it lights up my "fireworks" themed Annual Alley.

Good and Willing Editors

I’ve done four consultations in the past month for people who hate to throw a plant away. When anything has seeded that they recognize, they have either let the plant stay in that location or transplanted it elsewhere on the property. Some have divided perennials such as Siberian iris and Shasta daisies and have put […]

Got Space?

Have I got a plant for you. In northern climates it dies to the ground in the winter and returns next spring to grow from nothing into a shrub-like plant that’s six feet in all directions. Talk about renewal! The leaves are a nice, fine texture all summer and they are even thick enough to […]

Search Engine Plant ID

A few years ago the phrase “Let me Google that for you” became a running joke at our New Year’s celebration. Our friends, Jesse and Maya, told us about a website with that name and soon it became the answer to all random questions and comments such as, “What ever became of…” and “How does…” […]

End of Summer Technicolor

Put a note on your calender next May or early June that reads PLANT DAHLIAS. Or Dahlias, zinnias and Verbena bonariensis, for that matter. With this mix of plants you’ll be able to pick technicolor bouquets in the late summer and fall. Since I live in a warm zone 6 I can also add a […]

Get Smart

This summer we tried planting several vegetable crops in Smart Pots, and I have to admit that we are impressed. At the beginning of the season we filled these fabric bags with a mix of our own soil, our own compost, and Moo Dirt. Three of the Smart Pots were immediately planted with seed potatoes. […]

Don’t Look Back

There’s one problem with growing your own food: you become a vegetable snob. Gardeners decide that the only corn worth eating are ears that went from the garden to the pot in less than five minutes, for example. I myself will only eat young, slender beans or small summer squash. And none of us would […]

Party Crashers

Three years ago I planted two varieties of Amaranthus, Tower Red and Tower Green. They did OK, and were interesting, but nothing I wanted to grow from seed again. This year they were back, big time. The red variety self-seeded and the cutting garden was filled with volunteer seedlings. I pulled some out, and left […]


On the day when we celebrate workers, perhaps it’s fitting to also acknowledge the fruits of our labors. Good things take effort. Here’s to all those who are willing to work to create something beneficial or beautiful.

Gardens take work. On this labor day let's raise a glass to all of those who put […]