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Trade Show Rhyme Time

Here’s the thing: It soon will be spring. There’ll be so much to do You’ll won’t try something new.

But February 8, 7 & 6 You can learn some new tricks to jumpstart your biz, and your thinking, that is.

There’s a full day of detail for those who sell retail. Or learn shrubs, trees, […]

Garden Graphics

One thing I love about winter is being able to see the skeletons of trees. Their framework is endlessly interesting, informative and entertaining. Some trees are filled with tiny twigs while others are sparer or even sleek. One tree sprawls horizontally while another has branches that reach straight upward into the sky.

The bones of […]

Garden Humor: You Can Grow That!

Or if not actually grow it, you can add it to what you’ve grown.

I move one birdbath from the garden up to my covered porch every winter so that it won't crack. In December I like to make a fresh arrangement birdbath topper, and today was my day to do this. I […]

The Importance of The Pot

Garden geeks focus primarily on plants, and with good reason. The plant is where the action is…where growth and life exists. We’re willing to acknowledge, however, that the environment where that plant grows is equally important. The soil, moisture, and all the intertwined biology and wildlife matter to that plant’s ability to survive and grow.


Cultivating Creativity

Last week we celebrate that our patchwork patio is finished. From the one-material concrete paver space that we inherited when we bought the house to the mix of found stones, recycled granite and stone, we expanded this space three years ago and finished the final area last week. The area morphed into a smaller space […]

Rated For Joy

A friend of mine recently sent me a photo of a lavender plant that he saw online. The lavender pictured is being sold for indoor growing at this time of year. My friend asked, “Will this live for us in our sunny window as a houseplant?”

One of my missions, whether I’m talking to a […]

Play With Your Plants

I visited Cosentino’s nursery the other day and came away smiling. They not only have a huge selection of succulents, they’ve created a delightful series of container gardens using these plants. From low, flat bowls to taller ceramic pots, the selection was wonderful.

Also charming was the table where odd objects from coffee pots and […]

Color & Rest

You Can Grow That!

I was in a garden today that reminded me about two important things: color and rest. The gardener, Alan Richards, used bold colors very effectively on walls, furniture and garden ornaments. Once again I thought of how New Englanders are just too darn timid when it comes to putting color in […]


I arrived at the Garden Writer’s Association annual meeting site yesterday. We’re in Tucson, AZ, and once again I’m pleased that this meeting moves to a new location every year. It’s always interesting to see how people garden in climates that are different from ours because it stimulates our thinking and imagination. In seeing how […]

End of Summer Technicolor

Put a note on your calender next May or early June that reads PLANT DAHLIAS. Or Dahlias, zinnias and Verbena bonariensis, for that matter. With this mix of plants you’ll be able to pick technicolor bouquets in the late summer and fall. Since I live in a warm zone 6 I can also add a […]