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Gardens On Tour

My garden will be on tour in a couple of weeks to benefit the Barnstable Education Foundation. As I bustle around making sure that things look spiffy it occurs to me that others may appreciate knowing what to do in similar situations. If you’re planning to open your property for a garden tour, here are […]

Does A Perfect Garden Exist?

A Gardening Life – July 8

You know the answer, right? Of course not. But sometimes I think those of us in the garden communication business are prone to pretending that it does. We take photos of our gardens when they look great and we write at length about our successes. This is understandable since […]

Growing Blueberries

A Gardening Life – July 7th

I picked blueberries yesterday. The early bearing varieties are now filled with large, ripe fruit that needs to be harvested daily. Last year we picked these early berries and looked forward to the others that mature later in July, but we never saw that second and third crop of […]

Unattractive Areas in the Landscape

A Gardening Life – June 25

Everyone has them. There are always places in the yard and garden that aren’t finished, are rough and funky, or are simply less than appealing. Sometimes we fence them off and other times we place plants in front of them. Consider, however, that totally screening such areas isn’t always […]

Stick Screening for the Garden – an idea that worked

A Gardening Life – June 17

Do you have an area that needs screening but you want something that blends into the garden? That was my situation; we have a brush pile and compost area that is necessary but less than attractive. My initial thought was to plant some Emerald Green Arborvitaes in front of […]

Something is Eating My Annuals, Vegetables, and Seedlings

A Gardening Life – June 11 See of this sounds familiar: you planted small annuals and within three days their fresh, green leaves are tattered and torn. Or the vegetable seeds you planted last week poked out of the ground only to disappear.

One day that little bean plant was poking out of the soil […]

Peonies and Rain

A Gardening Life – June 7

It is peony season and rain is in the forecast. If you’ve grown this wonderful perennial you know what happens to the huge flowers in the rain. Before the storm you had a beautiful, colorful garden and afterwards you have heavy flowers in the mud.

Those who stake their […]

Smart Container Liners

A Gardening Life – May 29

Have you ever planted a large or heavy container in the spring only to wonder how you’re going to save those plants once fall arrives? You might not want to drag such pots or boxes inside, yet you don’t wish to dig the plants out and disturb their roots […]

For My Mother

A Gardening Life – May 12

As I walk around my garden on this Mother’s Day I count my blessings and know that so many of them have come to me from my mother. Some of my abilities are inherited from her and are undoubtedly genetic, but it took the greenhouse of her care […]

Dividing Perennial Plants

A Gardening Life – April 29

I had a crack team of Master Gardeners in my garden today. We were digging up perennial plants and potting them for the Master Gardener Plant sale on May 18th.

Perennial gardeners have to be good editors. Some plants spread, and others die out in the center of clumps […]