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The Best of Whole Life Gardening

Which would be, of course, you. The best of Whole Life Gardening is all the people who have followed this blog over the past few years. I am grateful to you beyond measure…and we’ve had fun, haven’t we?

Now I’m planting new gardens: a link to that new site will be posted here soon. Today, […]

Why I Love Killing Plants and You Should Too

For those concrete thinkers among you I must declare up front: I’m not just talking about plants and gardening here. In every place that I mention something horticultural you could substitute something else that you’ve killed and get the message. Think about that job you didn’t get or were fired from. Consider the business you […]

Whole Life Gardening

Even the most assiduous gardener has weeds that need pulling. The most experienced horticulturalist sees plants die. Home landscapers find that areas of their property have gotten away from them and gone wild. Very attentive plant people sometimes feel overwhelmed, distracted, or indifferent about what’s happening in their gardens.

Life. It happens to all of […]

The Fear of Gardening and Returning Plants

Would you hesitate to buy a puppy or kitten because sometime in the future your pet might die? And if that dog or cat got sick should you be allowed to return it to the breeder and get your money back?

I think that most people would answer “no” to both those questions, don’t you? […]

True Blue

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 1

We humans find it tempting to think in absolutes. People enjoy speaking as if all their opinions are truths. And this embracing of cherished opinions isn’t confined to politics. Black and white thinking can be found in sentiments about food, clothing, and yes, the garden.

Today one of […]

Moss Rocks!

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 27

One of the subjects I address in my most popular garden club talk is moss growth. The myth is that moss in your lawn means that you need to add lime. The truth is that moss is an equal opportunity lawn-colonizer…it’s happy to grow on acidic or alkaline […]

Daffodils Dishing the Dirt

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 21

One of the talks I give is titled If Plants Could Talk. To be truthful, I’m glad that every plant in my landscape isn’t giving me a piece of its mind when I walk out the door. But there are many who would be well served to think […]

15 Things I Hate About Your Yard – #15

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – December 28

Good design is always a plus, but a garden should have just a bit more, I think. Most people have at least some personal touches inside their houses, for example. Why not outside?

Even a landscape that is designed by others can contain groups of plants, containers, ornaments […]

15 Things I Hate About Your Yard – #14

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – December 27

Berms or Burial Mounds?

Here’s the general idea: dump a load of loam on the property, mound it up into a completely arbitrary shape, and plant a scattering of shrubs, trees and/or perennials on top. This is commonly passed off as landscape “interest” or design. Although these […]

15 Things I Hate About Your Yard – #13

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – December 26

Lining up the Usual Suspects

Here’s a mystery: Why do people with perfectly attractive homes settle for unattractive foundation beds? And why do those with less-than-appealing houses not use foundation plantings to improve the dwelling’s appearance?

Most don’t realize that a line up of the usual suspects (evergreens) […]