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The Best of Whole Life Gardening

Which would be, of course, you. The best of Whole Life Gardening is all the people who have followed this blog over the past few years. I am grateful to you beyond measure…and we’ve had fun, haven’t we?

Now I’m planting new gardens: a link to that new site will be posted here soon. Today, […]

Random Smiles – You Can Grow That!

Your garden has the power to grow smiles. Whether you have a huge property or containers on the balcony, in all most seasons of the year you are cultivating the potential for surprising acts of cheer and kindness. We have the power to make someone’s day in the most positive way with give-away bouquets.

Imagine […]

How To Pitch Your Book or Product

Promoting your new book or product? Do you want your local media to talk about your event, business or cause? Here are 4 tips from a writer/radio host who gets pitched to all the time:

1. Never send a press release as an attachment. These get dumped without even opening the email.

2. Take the […]

Why I Love Killing Plants and You Should Too

For those concrete thinkers among you I must declare up front: I’m not just talking about plants and gardening here. In every place that I mention something horticultural you could substitute something else that you’ve killed and get the message. Think about that job you didn’t get or were fired from. Consider the business you […]

Love? You Can Grow That!

Imagine living in a kaleidoscope of colors: rich violet or midnight blues, sunny yellows, calming lavender and heart-stopping pinks. The shades slowly appear and change around you, set against a background of soothing, lush greens. Color? Love it…and you can grow that!

You might be picky about which colors you wear, paint on your walls, […]

The Right Way To Garden

A Gardening Life – January 27

My friend John Sullivan made this video for Plant Something Massachusetts. Set to a very hummable song written by Andy Rapo, the purpose of the project is to promote plants and gardening. A noble goal, wouldn’t you agree?

When John recently posted a link to the video in […]

We Can Grow This – Really!

Regular and sporadic readers of this blog know that back in the fall of 2011 I proposed that this phrase would be useful for the promotion of plants and gardening. Since I think that horticulture and the gardening enhances just about every aspect of life, my goal is always to share that message with […]

Party Crashers

Three years ago I planted two varieties of Amaranthus, Tower Red and Tower Green. They did OK, and were interesting, but nothing I wanted to grow from seed again. This year they were back, big time. The red variety self-seeded and the cutting garden was filled with volunteer seedlings. I pulled some out, and left […]

Selling You On Gardening

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – July 13

“Why do all the catalogs publish pictures of plants that look so beautiful?” a customer once asked me. “Why don’t they show you how the rose bush looks after the beetles have gotten to it, or how my annuals looked after a hail storm?”

I was sure that […]