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The Best of Whole Life Gardening

Which would be, of course, you. The best of Whole Life Gardening is all the people who have followed this blog over the past few years. I am grateful to you beyond measure…and we’ve had fun, haven’t we?

Now I’m planting new gardens: a link to that new site will be posted here soon. Today, […]

Creating Lawn Chic

I’d like to think that I’m ahead of my time when it comes to lawn trends, but I’m probably just lazy. I have no interest in spending time or money fighting the multitude of plants that grow in with the grass. Dandelions, crabgrass, clover and assorted weeds flourish along with my fescue and perennial rye.


Is More Better?

Report From PIA – August 5

Now that it is August, and most annuals are fully developed and in flower, we occasionally see planters like the one pictured below. These towers of flowers are made in various ways by those who clearly think that more is more. I think that sometimes more can be ugly…it’s […]

I Hate Leaf Blowers

Report From PIA – March 9

I was parked next to the Osterville Library today as a landscape crew was doing their spring cleanup. When I pulled into the space the noise from the leaf blowers was so loud I was afraid for my hearing should I step out of the car. The man who […]

I Hate Landscape Fabric

I think that this is a product that shouldn’t be sold. It appeals to people because it seems to solve the weed problem permanently, and for a year or two it works well as long as you don’t mind looking at the acres of bare mulch – hardly an improvement over weeds – that […]