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Form And Function

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – September 28

There are times when something functional is also highly ornamental. Watering cans and terracotta flowerpots fall into this category. Baskets too, but usually not hoses and sprinklers.

I think that a common clamming basket, as is or adorned, is perfect in the garden, form and function. They […]

Toward Pleasure and Away From Pain

Report From PIA – June 15

Today I bought batteries and set up my Wireless Deer Fences. They need to charge overnight so that when I put them out, and the scent tubes draw the deer to them, they are ready to shock.

You see, the Wireless Deer Fence works because we know that deer […]

Hearts Sink and Soar

Report From PIA – June 13

Are there plants in your garden that make your heart soar? Just a glance at the flowers or foliage make you smile, right? This is how I feel about my Salix ‘Hakuro Nishiki’, the dappled willow.

The new foliage is most striking in early summer. I’ve had many people […]

A Deal With The Dandelions

Report From PIA – May 8

When I was in the third grade my father told my brother and me that he would pay us a penny for every dandelion we dug out of the lawn. We went to work with enthusiasm, feeling rich from the get-go, because at that time in the 1950’s a […]

Cherishing The Commonplace

It is Thanksgiving morning and as I drink my coffee I watch the birds crowd into the feeder. Cardinals, morning doves and a titmouse take turns with the blue jays. We have lots of blue jays. Just below the birdfeeder, four crows walk up the grass path from the lake, looking like religious elders in […]