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Jump-Starting New Beginnings

It has been my great pleasure to write here for five years, finding the ways that everything comes together in the garden. From thoughts about finding peace and meditation in the landscape to actual planting and plant advice posting here has been great fun. Sometimes, however, it’s time to start new beds for planting and […]

The Best of Whole Life Gardening

Which would be, of course, you. The best of Whole Life Gardening is all the people who have followed this blog over the past few years. I am grateful to you beyond measure…and we’ve had fun, haven’t we?

Now I’m planting new gardens: a link to that new site will be posted here soon. Today, […]

Every Foodie Needs a Vegetable Garden

Yup. If you’re a foodie, whenever possible you must grow your own. I understand that those in cities usually need to be content with farmer’s markets and CSA’s, but if you have a sunny porch, deck, or yard, start planning next year’s vegetable garden now. Why? There are four reasons that food lovers should grow […]

Cooking With Yellow Tomatoes

One of the joys of the September vegetable garden is the glut of tomatoes. Large, small, red, yellow and green, they hang from the plants even as those vines succumb to cooling temperatures and blight. Our meals at this time of year tend to be tomato celebrations since we know that we won’t taste this […]

The Garden Driven Dinner

It’s often thought that living in a country where you can buy lettuce, strawberries or broccoli twelve months a year is a blessing and we are more healthy for it. Maybe we are and maybe not. There are some who believe that we should only “eat in season,” consuming the plants that are naturally available […]

What To Do With Too Many Zucchini – #2

Zucchini Cutlets

6 cups shredded summer squash ¼ cup chopped onions sautéed until slightly browned, or fresh scallions or chives 2 cups bread crumbs or finely ground corn meal 1 cup Parmesan or goat cheese 3 eggs, beaten ½ cup chopped parsley

Optional: other veggies, black beans, minced hot peppers, roasted garlic, smoked paprika, and […]

Why Did My Zucchini Squash Die?

When summer squash does well the gardener is usually overrun. We look for recipes that use lots of zucchini or patty-pans and give them away to friends, coworkers and the teller at the bank’s drive-up window. But all the summer and winter squashes are prone to particular problems. Here are some of the most common […]

What To Do With Too Many Zucchini – #1

The summer my husband and I moved to the east coast my in-laws introduced me to several delicious Italian dishes. They would arrive at our house bearing fresh mozzarella, a cold squid salad seasoned with lemon and fresh basil, and a zucchini dish that my mother-in-law called Concha. These are now some of my go-to […]

Getting Real: You Can Grow That!

A Gardening Life – April 4

This quote is currently making the rounds: You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.

Words to live by, and there’s no better way to take them to heart than to plant vegetables. When you grow your own food, it certainly isn’t fast. In […]

Must Grow Leeks

A Gardening Life – January 23 Ok, I realize that as a homegrown vegetable leeks don’t have the same appeal as, say, tomatoes. Their fragrance isn’t as evocative of summer as basil is, and they don’t have quite the broad pick-me-at-five-and-sit-down-to-dinner-at-six as summer squash or green beans. But after harvesting a large crop in January, […]