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Late Harvest

Only one quarter of the veggie garden still contains plants, and these grow thinner as we harvest. Still, to be eating from the garden on the thirteenth of December is a real blessing and we don’t take it lightly. Some of tonight’s dinner came from the garden (chard, kale and pak choi), some from the […]

Harvest Meal 2

The first evening fire in the wood stove calls for a warming meal from the garden. Tonight it is winter squash soup. This is an easy to make recipe that tastes like a fancy, company dish but is actually simple and quick to cook.

Autumn Soup Made While Answering Email

1 Winter Squash (I used […]

Harvest Meal

As the produce from the garden dwindles, it becomes more important to celebrate what we do have: the last of the eggplant and the final basil harvests. Last night we relished what may be the last fresh pesto (we’ve got a bunch frozen) with a harvest of eggplant and garden tomato sauce. A toast to […]

End of Season Comforts

You Can Grow That!

It is the start of what is forecast to be a cloudy, cool, rainy week. Yes, the dahlias and zinnias still bloom, and there is new lettuce and chard to be harvested in the vegetable garden. But although treasures still await harvest in the garden, and there are garlic and Cool-Wave […]

Plants That go the Distance

Here we are in late September and we are still eating out of the garden. Two vegetables are particularly impressive right now; I’m continuing to love a squash I’ve planted for five years plus a pepper from Burpee that is my new BFF. Tonight the two got together for dinner…our dinner.

What impresses me about […]

Don’t Look Back

There’s one problem with growing your own food: you become a vegetable snob. Gardeners decide that the only corn worth eating are ears that went from the garden to the pot in less than five minutes, for example. I myself will only eat young, slender beans or small summer squash. And none of us would […]

August Abundance

My cup, basket, carton, salad bowl, and refrigerator runneth over.

Garden grown tomatoes: heaven on earth.

What’s For Dinner? Golden Days Lasagna

The name of this dish comes first the sunny color of the golden tomato sauce and Zephyr squash. It’s also appropriate because we’re treasuring being able to create dinner out of freshly picked vegetables as we savor the last warm days of summer. It’s wonderful to let the garden’s produce determine the menu. Photos first […]

Caption Contest!

As any vegetable gardener knows, part of the fun of a harvest is when you find veggies in funky shapes. We’ve dug heart shaped potatoes and picked cucumbers that bear a strong resemblance to Richard Nixon. Recent tomato pickings have produced these fruits that almost demand a conversation. So here’s your challenge. Either come up […]

What’s For Dinner? Curried Bean & Squash Soup

If you have a vegetable garden and grow summer squash and beans, there are times when you’re overrun with both. Here’s a cold soup I made for dinner the other night that is a delicious way to use up a bunch of these vegetables.

Cold Curried Bean and Zucchini Servings: 6


2 tablespoons extra-virgin […]