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Nothing Ventured…

Report From PIA – August 25

There are as many different styles of gardens are there are gardeners, and thankfully, there is no one right way. Some want a landscape that they can keep “under control” (which usually means not too large) while others want plantings they can pretty much ignore.

Many desire plants that […]

Too Much Mulch?

Report From PIA – August 24

As you regular readers know, this is the end of our third summer on Poison Ivy Acres. All of the gardens here are new (and frankly, I think they look pretty damn awesome) so the main plantings have been put in the ground and now it’s a matter of […]

What The Rain Brings

Report From PIA – August 23

As a gardener, I do love a rainy day, or even several days in a row. Once I feel assured that the storm will deliver that ideal inch-plus over a 24 hour period, I love knowing that the entire landscape has been well watered for the week to come.


Continual Cultivation

Report From PIA – August 22

In early July I wrote about cutting my ‘Rozanne’ Geraniums down to the ground. They weren’t performing as this perennial should, so I cut them down and planted young Profusion zinnias in the spaces that were created. Within three weeks the zinnias were flower-filled and full, and they should […]

Appreciating Where We Are & Moving Forward

Report From PIA – August 21

I am almost at the one-year anniversary of my promise to blog every day, and for the past three entries have written about what I’ve learned.

Being in the gardens for the past 350-odd days, I’ve watched for what is meaningful and satisfying, and have realized that another gift […]

Daily Blogging, Gardening & Life Continued…

Report From Poison Ivy Acres – August 20

Here are five more things I’ve learned from blogging every day, starting from my garden and looking into the rest of life:

Some days you do a better job than others. Just as the garden might better tended one year and not the other, or we might […]

Blogging, Gardening & Life

Report From PIA – August 19

OK, so we know that daily blogging isn’t a shortcut to weight loss and wealth. Ditto gardening. But there are parallels to be drawn between writing a daily blog, tending a garden and cultivating life. Here are a few things I’m reminded of:

#1. There is value in daily […]

Massachusetts Mom Combines Gardens With Blogs and Finds…

Report From PIA – August 18

Daily blogging and gardening are not foolproof weight-loss plans. You’ve no doubt seen those banner ads stating, “Massachusetts mom combines two common things and looses 50 pounds!” or some such claim. Trust me, those ordinary activities are not writing a blog or planting and weeding, more’s the pity.

Here’s […]


Report From PIA – August 17

Since it was overcast (finally!) it was a perfect day to take photos of the landscape. As I walked around, I appreciated the rhythms of the garden.

One way to define rhythm is, “recurring at regular intervals” and this is easy to apply to plant design. The repetition of […]

Creating An Experience

Report From PIA – August 16

Yesterday on NPR I heard an interview with Elizabeth Dunn who studies consumer happiness for the University of British Columbia. She was talking about what made people happy, and commented, “Well, it turns out that one of the best things people can do is invest in experiences rather than […]