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The Best of Whole Life Gardening

Which would be, of course, you. The best of Whole Life Gardening is all the people who have followed this blog over the past few years. I am grateful to you beyond measure…and we’ve had fun, haven’t we?

Now I’m planting new gardens: a link to that new site will be posted here soon. Today, […]

Every Foodie Needs a Vegetable Garden

Yup. If you’re a foodie, whenever possible you must grow your own. I understand that those in cities usually need to be content with farmer’s markets and CSA’s, but if you have a sunny porch, deck, or yard, start planning next year’s vegetable garden now. Why? There are four reasons that food lovers should grow […]

Cooking With Yellow Tomatoes

One of the joys of the September vegetable garden is the glut of tomatoes. Large, small, red, yellow and green, they hang from the plants even as those vines succumb to cooling temperatures and blight. Our meals at this time of year tend to be tomato celebrations since we know that we won’t taste this […]

What To Do With Too Many Zucchini – #2

Zucchini Cutlets

6 cups shredded summer squash ¼ cup chopped onions sautéed until slightly browned, or fresh scallions or chives 2 cups bread crumbs or finely ground corn meal 1 cup Parmesan or goat cheese 3 eggs, beaten ½ cup chopped parsley

Optional: other veggies, black beans, minced hot peppers, roasted garlic, smoked paprika, and […]

Getting Real: You Can Grow That!

A Gardening Life – April 4

This quote is currently making the rounds: You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.

Words to live by, and there’s no better way to take them to heart than to plant vegetables. When you grow your own food, it certainly isn’t fast. In […]

Lettuce in March

A Gardening Life – March 23

We are harvesting lettuce daily from our solar heated shed. It faces south and is insulated, so once the sun is warm in February it doesn’t go below freezing inside the building. The Smart Pots we used this year were moved inside this shed after we harvested the last […]

Growing Lettuce in Winter

A Gardening Life – January 5

This afternoon we put on hats and coats and went up to the shed to pick lettuce for dinner. Our shed has windows and plexi-panels on the southern side and roof. A wall of clay pots on the north side act as heat sinks and that half of the […]

No Fruit

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – August 17

We planted lemon cucumbers this year and every seed germinated. The vines quickly scrambled to cover the fencing where the fading sugar-snap peas willingly surrendered the space. A promising summer crop.

So far these plants are still promising. Promises, promises. All talk and no action. The vines are […]

Creating An Experience

Report From PIA – August 16

Yesterday on NPR I heard an interview with Elizabeth Dunn who studies consumer happiness for the University of British Columbia. She was talking about what made people happy, and commented, “Well, it turns out that one of the best things people can do is invest in experiences rather than […]

Reason To Grow Vegetables #3

Report From PIA – August 12

Garden Vegetables Baked With Fish or Chicken

This dish is perfect for the time when everything in the garden is producing; it’s great way to use summer squash, broccoli, beans, tomatoes, chard and tomatoes.

For Six People

Step One For The Tomato Sauce

Pick enough leeks or onions to […]