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Of Snakes and Solutions

Report From PIA – July 29

We went out to pick tomatoes tonight and found a snake that was caught in the netting. Crows had been feasting on the first fruits, so we covered the plants last week. I’m partial to how the green netting looks, and it’s very effective at keeping the birds and […]

Reason To Grow Your Own Vegetables – #2

Report From PIA – July 26

Reason To Grow Your Own Vegetables – #2

1. Get home from work, and go out to the garden… having a favorite beverage in hand is optional. Pick the summer squash that appeared in the last 24 hours. (I’m partial to the Sunburst Patty Pan and Zephyr because […]

A Recipe For Summer Contentment

Report From PIA – July 25

Or… Reasons to Grow Your Own Vegetables #1

Ingredients: fresh green beans, cucumber, tomatoes, basil, garlic, feta cheese (or fresh mozzarella) olive oil and bread.

On a Sunday morning, after coffee, go into the vegetable garden and pick beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and basil. At lunchtime, slice a clove of […]


I began the day by reading Michael Pollan’s article, No One Cooks Here Anymore, in the New York Times Magazine. It’s a rather discouraging report about how most Americans would rather buy prepared food instead of cooking meals themselves. Sigh.

My afternoon was spent freezing and pickling the beans from my garden. I separated the […]