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Color in Dry Areas? You Can Grow That!

A Gardening Life – June 4

If your garden is near the road, chances are it’s hot and dry. Asphalt and concrete absorb heat so the soil near these surfaces is usually drier than gardens located elsewhere. And then there’s the matter of the hose or irrigation reaching that far…

When we moved to Poison […]

Gratitude: You Can Grow That!

A Gardening Life – May 4

As I walk around my early-May landscape it is a lesson in the attitude of gratitude. Every square foot of land contains a blessing, but only if I have the right approach to receive it. The spring garden is the perfect place to practice a capacity for appreciation and […]

Getting Real: You Can Grow That!

A Gardening Life – April 4

This quote is currently making the rounds: You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.

Words to live by, and there’s no better way to take them to heart than to plant vegetables. When you grow your own food, it certainly isn’t fast. In […]

You Can Grow That!

Forward Motion, Discovery & Germination

You Can Grow That!

March is the month when I begin to plant seeds. The process of getting the seed starting media wet, and hauling it up to my garden shed, takes some effort. I don’t have running water up at the solar-heated shed and the hoses that will provide irrigation later in the growing […]

Planting Shelter for the Birds

A Gardening Life – February 14

During our last snow storm I discovered why a bit of neglect might be a good thing: I inadvertently created a place of protection for the birds. A refuge for wildlife in the winter? You can grow that!

During our last snow storm I discovered why a bit of […]

Love? You Can Grow That!

Imagine living in a kaleidoscope of colors: rich violet or midnight blues, sunny yellows, calming lavender and heart-stopping pinks. The shades slowly appear and change around you, set against a background of soothing, lush greens. Color? Love it…and you can grow that!

You might be picky about which colors you wear, paint on your walls, […]

Winter Entertainment: You Can Grow That!

A Gardening Life – January 4

In the past I’ve written that my idea of “winter interest” is really a cup of tea and a good book…or rather a cup of tea and whatever book I’m writing at the moment. Yet this isn’t completely true. There are places in my landscape where I’ve purposefully created […]

Garden Humor: You Can Grow That!

Or if not actually grow it, you can add it to what you’ve grown.

I move one birdbath from the garden up to my covered porch every winter so that it won't crack. In December I like to make a fresh arrangement birdbath topper, and today was my day to do this. I […]

New Eyes…You Can Grow That!

As we enter into winter I’m reminded of the ways a garden helps keep our lives fresh and new. Living where there is a dramatic change in the weather from season to season already prompts us to accept change, and the altered landscape calls us to view our immediate surroundings with fresh eyes. As […]