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The Creative Process

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 4

Today I was impressed by the biennials in my garden. The perennials are either completely dormant or staying close to the ground. This allows the biennials to dominate and they are taking advantage, soaking up the sun while other plants sleep.

One bed is dotted with Lunaria, another […]

An Ending Is Also A Beginning

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – November 27

Last week I got two packages of seeds in the mail. This end-of-the-current-season/early-next-season-order was spurred by the arrival of the Plant World Seeds catalog. I initially went to their catalog and website to look for Banana Custard Verbascum seeds. I grew this two years ago, and it […]

After The Party The Celebration Begins

Report From PIA – June 21

Here’s the best thing about opening your garden up to guests: after it’s over, the beautiful garden is all yours. Today members of the Connecticut Horticultural Society came to Poison Ivy Acres, and they seemed to enjoy what they saw.

I, of course, have been a whirling dervish lunatic […]


Report From PIA – May 11

One of the gardening myths I come across is the belief that biennials bloom every other year. The truth is that biennials spout and grow one year, bloom the next, and then they die.

Some biennials, such as feverfew, are so prolific that their offspring need to be weeded […]

Do I Want To Do What It Takes To Have This? Really?

Report From PIA – October 28

I was standing in a consultation client’s yard the other day, and we stood looking at a section next to the south side of her house. The client was a busy woman, who didn’t have much time for gardening, so throughout the entire conversation I suggested ways that she […]

What’s Right for the Goose…

It has been just over a year since I left my former garden to move to Poison Ivy Acres. For the third time in my life I’m starting with a blank canvas landscape and creating new gardens. It was therefore interesting to go back to my old property and walk the garden with the […]