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The Fear of Gardening and Returning Plants

Would you hesitate to buy a puppy or kitten because sometime in the future your pet might die? And if that dog or cat got sick should you be allowed to return it to the breeder and get your money back?

I think that most people would answer “no” to both those questions, don’t you? […]

Taking Chances

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – August 17

So what do you think…are gardeners more willing to take chances? Is this true only in the landscape or does their willingness to explore possibilities without regard to likely outcomes extends into the rest of their lives? Your thoughts are, as always, welcomed.

This is on my […]

Taking Chances, Taking Control

Report From PIA – March 19

Today’s garden speaks to me about taking risks and taking charge. It was an usually warm, sunny day today… the type of weather that makes us think that spring has positively arrived. It is a tease, of course, but we gardeners took advantage of these conditions nonetheless.

I planted […]