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Life Litter

Hurricane Sandy and the nor’easter that passed through over the past few days blew an assortment of leaves, pine needles, branches and more to the ground. The 65 mile an hour winds took down some trees and changed our landscape from colorful fall to bare branch winter. Walking around Poison Ivy Acres and driving in […]

A Changing View?

You Can Grow That!

As much as we want to hold on to summer, the seasons march on. As dearly as we’d like to keep this plant constantly flowering or that plant just the size it is right now, they are constantly changing, growing larger, or coming in and out of bloom. If our […]

Embracing Change

One of the talks I give is about the eight rules for being a successful gardener. Since none of these guidelines concerns soil, watering, planting or fertilizer, they are applicable to most areas of life. One of the rules is to embrace change. Plants are constantly growing, the weather shifts with the seasons and other […]

Making Sense of Strange Seasons

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 15

Normally, of course, a post at this time of year would be titled Spring Cleaning. But after an amazingly warm winter it seems as if we’ve moved from late fall into the growing season. I have California poppies that have lived through the winter, Liriope that looks as […]

Old Dogs/New Tricks

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 12

When we pay attention we might see that out of the blue the same information often concentrates and threads repeatedly through our lives. Have you noticed that? You might have remained blissfully unaware of Zumba workouts, and suddenly it seems to be popping up everywhere. And it’s not […]

New Digs

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 6

At the garden center today I was taking photos of the plant relocation. The front greenhouse is being renovated so all the houseplants needed to be moved to the larger space that is fondly called The Taj Mahal. Coming into this house I was struck by how different […]

Framing The Magic

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – November 17

I have a constantly changing slideshow of garden photos as my computer desktop and screensaver, and occasionally one of these photos catches my attention. This evening the shot of the lights on lakeside trees stuck me and I started thinking about how we frame views.

In this case […]

A Season of Stark Beauty

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – November 6

We had a very hard frost last night. At dawn I watched the swamp maple leaves falling like rain through the rays of the rising sun. Everything that was left in the annual and perennial beds sparkled. I stood transfixed by how beautiful it was, and then […]

When Change Comforts

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – November 2

Two nights ago we had the first hard frost of the season. Today the annuals are all blackened, but on the morning after the frost they were still in color and dusted with white ice crystals. It was lovely.

Some may be sad to see most of the […]

Cultivating Change

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – July 5

There are a few shrubs in my entry garden, but this area around my front door is primarily planted with perennials. Right now there are a great deal of white flowers as the feverfew and Sedum album are in full bloom. The ‘Evan Saul’ Echinacea is opening, […]