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Try a Tiny Taste…

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – July 30

When people tour my garden for the first time one flower in particular catches their eye. “Oh, what is this?” they ask. It’s interesting that the Emilia javanica ‘Scarlet Magic’ draws them because it’s one of the smallest flowers in my gardens. Not only is it small, but […]

Color Conversations

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 14

One aspect of garden design is creating ways for the colors of plants to have conversations. When we put plants together we aim for contrasting colors and textures, but we also look for repetition…we find ways for a plant’s flowers or foliage to be repeated elsewhere. When the […]

I Did It!

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – July 2

Perhaps I should say we did it. Or my husband did it. I merely had the vision and picked the colors…he made and painted the shutters and window boxes. We both agree that the shed looks better.

When I speak I frequently make the point that New […]

Color’s Bustin’ Out All Over

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – April 30

When the spring blooming plants finally break into flower after winter’s grays the bright colors lift our hearts. Well, most of our hearts anyway. The appreciation of color varies from individual to individual. I remember hearing one woman saying that she didn’t like the time when the […]


Report From An Opinionated Gardener – March 31

It’s snowing, again. Still.

I’ve decided to ignore it. Instead, I’m focusing on a talk that I’m giving at the Eastham Senior Center tomorrow morning. The topic will be, Give Me More Color!, and we’ll look at plants that deliver just that, be it through foliage or […]

Color Makes Us Happy

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – January 15

I interviewed Rosalind Creasy this morning on GardenLine, and we talked about the new addition of her book, Edible Landscaping. I was interesting to hear her thoughts about how the subject of gardening with edible plants had changed since she originally wrote the book in the mid-1980’s. […]

Other People’s Gardens

Report From PIA – March 25

I was going to write about the Boston Flower Show today, but something much, much more important has come up. Someone I am friends with on facebook was put out yesterday when I posted a smartass comment about the Republicans, with a link to a Huffington Post article. She […]

The Importance of Flowers

Report From PIA – February 14

A couple of years ago I was talking with a man at the garden center who was trying to figure out if he should get a plant for his girlfriend for Valentine’s day. “Does she like plants?” I asked. “Not really,” he said, looking sheepish. “She says that she […]

Three Times Around The Garden

Report From PIA – December 6

It was my day off from the garden center, but time to help my elderly ex-neighbors. Although I no longer live across the street from them, I’ve told them that we are “neighbors for life” because they’re in their nineties and need help.

I got home around 3, the […]

Inspiration Strikes – #2

Report From PIA – November 20

I have a horrible head cold, so I’m not up to the thought that writing requires. Perhaps, you are thinking, this is a blessing. I can, however, spend a couple of minutes trolling through photo files looking for inspiration, and it didn’t take me long to settle on this […]