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Thoughts, Ideas and Where They Come From

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – December 2

I received a catalog from Uncommon Goods in the mail today. This is welcome at this time of year because I usually buy several Hanukkah/Christmas/New Year’s gifts from these folks. One offering has left me a bit flummoxed, however. I see that they sell Table Topics and […]

A Thank You Note To Leah Dieterich et al

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – November 23

This morning I discovered a delightful blog: Thx Thx Thx – a thank you note a day. It’s written by Leah Dieterich, and she’s one of those people who balance out the craziness I was lamenting yesterday. Just when I start to think that the country is […]

Seeking & Planting

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – October 6

Searching for a meaningful life is like planting a garden.

My friend Joanna spent the last six months walking the Appalachian Trail, starting in the south and finishing at Mt. Katahdin. I am filled with awe at such a venture and achievement.

Like many people who hike […]

The View From The Kitchen Door

Report From PIA – August 31

I’ve done numerous consultations for homeowners who are trying to landscape so that guests will come to the front door instead of the kitchen door. Often, despite new paths and plantings, they aren’t successful with this effort. In many houses the kitchen door is closer to where everyone parks […]

Blogging, Gardening & Life

Report From PIA – August 19

OK, so we know that daily blogging isn’t a shortcut to weight loss and wealth. Ditto gardening. But there are parallels to be drawn between writing a daily blog, tending a garden and cultivating life. Here are a few things I’m reminded of:

#1. There is value in daily […]

Midsummer Maintenance

Report From PIA – July 18

We are midway through the summer, and there are two approaches to this time of year. Some people decide that they are “done” with their garden. They enjoy what they planted in May and early June, but they don’t want to place anything else in the ground for the […]

Expressing Gratitude

Report From PIA – July 15

We often forget to walk around our lives with the expressed purpose of communicating love and gratitude. Daily life is busy, after all, and this landscape or these people must surely know that I love it/them, right?

If we turn that back on ourselves, however, we see that this […]

Bribes, Cocktails and Weeding

Report From PIA – June 6

When my kids were young I would occasionally give them an incentive to do something that was difficult. “That’s terrible,” other mothers would say. “You should never bribe children because they should learn to do something just because it’s right.”

“Oh really,” I’d respond. “And just how many adults […]

A Cutting Garden

Report From PIA – May 29

When we moved to Poison Ivy Acres, one of the items on my wish list was a cutting garden. Fortunately, at the top of the property there was the perfect location for annuals and perennials intended solely for bouquets.

We can, of course, cut flowers from all places on […]

Conscious Cultivation

Report From PIA – May 27

When we’re busy just keeping up with all of life’s necessities it’s easy to forget to work on thoughtful growth. At this time of year even my gardening can become a matter of checking things off the to-do list. Today I watered plants, set up sprinklers in the early […]