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Making Sense of Strange Seasons

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 15

Normally, of course, a post at this time of year would be titled Spring Cleaning. But after an amazingly warm winter it seems as if we’ve moved from late fall into the growing season. I have California poppies that have lived through the winter, Liriope that looks as […]

Perfection and Imperfection

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 19

We gardeners try so hard. From soil amendments to fertilizers, from plant supports to pest control, we strive to help our gardens in every way possible. And all this work is worthwhile, we say, so that our plants can have the perfect environment for success.

Maybe. Or maybe […]

Making Plans

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – January 29

Sometimes they work out and sometimes not. Usually between the planning and the execution are many small steps to be taken. We get diverted, and then, if we really want to give those plans their best chance to succeed, we come back to the path we were on […]

Lush Landscapes

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 7

Everywhere I look the landscape is so incredibly lush. Since most of my gardens contain a mix of annuals, perennials and shrubs, and I love different foliage colors as well as flowers, they still are brilliant and full. In fact, the plants are so beautiful that it’s difficult […]

Expecting The Unexpected

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – September 26

It was a summer day, no matter what the calendar said. Very warm, humid, with bright sunshine that illuminated the annuals that haven’t really thrived until now. That Mandevilla vine that should have reached the top of the arbor in August is just now showing it’s full potential. […]

Easy or Right?

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – September 17

My garden was on tour as a fundraiser today and about 400 people toured Poison Ivy Acres. Every hour on the hour I guided a group around the property, showing them particular plants and explaining how the gardens have evolved. One of the questions that came up several […]

Endings, Beginnings and In Between

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – September 12

The wedding flurries are over. After a summer of planning for Simon and Rachel’s ceremony, and then Jesse and Maya’s, it is suddenly quiet. With, of course, the afterglow of joy that both these occasions contained in abundance.

Next Saturday the gardens that have been made beautiful for […]

Being Here Now

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – August 29

As you know from my facebook entries and tweets, I’m all about new connections. Ambient awareness and instant communications are great. Often. But not always.

I have been in Indianapolis at the annual meeting of the Garden Writers Association for the past five days. We’ve been on […]

In Praise of August

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – August 6

This is surely a “life in all its fullness” month. Everywhere I turn there are flowers, vegetables and fruit…not to mention weeds and plants that are drying or dying. This is a month of abundance, although we may not be thrilled with everything nature is offering in […]

Cultivating Change

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – July 5

There are a few shrubs in my entry garden, but this area around my front door is primarily planted with perennials. Right now there are a great deal of white flowers as the feverfew and Sedum album are in full bloom. The ‘Evan Saul’ Echinacea is opening, […]