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Good and Willing Editors

I’ve done four consultations in the past month for people who hate to throw a plant away. When anything has seeded that they recognize, they have either let the plant stay in that location or transplanted it elsewhere on the property. Some have divided perennials such as Siberian iris and Shasta daisies and have put […]


Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 23

I love my self-seeding annuals and biennials and Poison Ivy Acres is an informal, cottage-style garden that accommodates these plants well. But as I’ve said many times in the past, just because plants have seeded and grown in a particular location doesn’t mean that they should always be […]

A Life Of Their Own

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – January 12

As the snow swirled outside today I spent some concentrated time on my novel. I wrote from ten AM to 4 PM with quick breaks for lunch and stoking the woodstove. As usual, some of the ways the story developed were absolute surprises to me. I didn’t […]

Willing To Remove What Has Rooted

Report From PIA – February 23

Gardeners soon learn that they need to be able to say, “No, you can’t grow here.” Some plants self-seed prolifically, for example, or wild trees, shrubs and weeds are oh-so-willing to sprout throughout the garden. We need to be able to pull most of them out.

I have watched […]

Editing and Recycling

Report From PIA – January 27

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m working on a new book that is about a third finished. I don’t have a publisher for this project, and I recognize that it’s a long shot, but it’s something that is close to my heart so I’m willing to pursue it. This […]