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Fall Color

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – November 10

I have a friend who’s a sucker for fall color and at this time of year I know why. It’s dark by five o’clock, and the temperatures are dropping, so we need every opportunity to celebrate the outdoors that we can find. The colorful foliage on deciduous plants […]

Daisy Power

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 14

What is it about the daisy shaped flower that captures our hearts? Is it the simplicity? Are these types of blooms somehow permanently linked to cheerfulness? Does the daisy mysteriously call to our hearts, or do they just cause us to unconsciously think, “He loves me, he loves […]

Some Days Are Like That (Go Right To The Photos)

Report From PIA – October 20

When I woke up this morning I immediately saw that it was absolutely magical outside. Some parts of the yard were heavily frosted, while those closer to the lake were covered not with frost, but with fog. I walked around the property in my bathrobe, taking pictures, amazed at […]

Fall Color

Report From PIA – October 15

I’m always willing to get drunk on garden color, from the yellow spring daffodils to the brilliant annuals in August. In the fall, however, colorful foliage not only catches my eye, but my heart as well.

We know that in a few weeks these leaves, and all of this […]

Endings and (please God) Beginnings

Report From PIA – October 13

I really thought that this post would be about fall color…I took photos and organized my thoughts about late-season foliage. But life intervened, and here I am, blogging about endings and beginnings.

These three things happened today:

1. I picked the last two tomatoes I’m likely to eat from […]

I Love Viburnum trilobum!

I love Viburnum trilobum, the American cranberry bush. Not the serve-at-Thanksgiving type of cranberries, but a lovely, carefree, native shrub that has flat white flowers in May/June, red/purple fall foliage and beautiful red berries in late summer. In my experience the berries don’t persist through the winter because they are eaten by wildlife, but […]