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Fall Color

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – November 10

I have a friend who’s a sucker for fall color and at this time of year I know why. It’s dark by five o’clock, and the temperatures are dropping, so we need every opportunity to celebrate the outdoors that we can find. The colorful foliage on deciduous plants […]

Seasons Are Fleeting

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – October 28

Yesterday the swamp maple (Acer rubrum) in the back of my house was ablaze with yellow leaves. Today, half of those leaves are gone and those that remain are withered and edged with brown.

Yesterday my heart was lifted by how golden the landscape was…today, not so […]

After The Party The Celebration Begins

Report From PIA – June 21

Here’s the best thing about opening your garden up to guests: after it’s over, the beautiful garden is all yours. Today members of the Connecticut Horticultural Society came to Poison Ivy Acres, and they seemed to enjoy what they saw.

I, of course, have been a whirling dervish lunatic […]

Thanksgiving Eve

Report From PIA – November 25

It was a day when the outdoors, if not the impending holiday, invited quietness. It misty and soft, with fog tucked in the tops of trees and hanging over the lake. I walked around the garden this afternoon, and although there are many plants still in bloom, it was […]

Past, Present, & Future

Report From PIA – November 15

If you’re a gardener, being in the present means focusing on the current moment, while keeping a foot in the past and an eye to the future. This sounds like a balancing act, but really it’s just a matter of taking care of seasonal business.

The Past: I finished […]

Catching The Light

Report From PIA – October 25

When I moved to Poison Ivy Acres, it was pretty much a blank slate. I went about designing my gardens by thinking about these things, in this order: 1. That the gardens make visual sense with the lay of the land and the house that was already here. 2. […]

Some Days Are Like That (Go Right To The Photos)

Report From PIA – October 20

When I woke up this morning I immediately saw that it was absolutely magical outside. Some parts of the yard were heavily frosted, while those closer to the lake were covered not with frost, but with fog. I walked around the property in my bathrobe, taking pictures, amazed at […]

Fall Color

Report From PIA – October 15

I’m always willing to get drunk on garden color, from the yellow spring daffodils to the brilliant annuals in August. In the fall, however, colorful foliage not only catches my eye, but my heart as well.

We know that in a few weeks these leaves, and all of this […]

I Love This Plant – Oct 31, 2008

Do you want a small maple tree that is extremely stylish in the spring and breathtakingly colorful in the fall? Meet Acer japonicum ‘Aconitifolium’ – the thread-leaf full moon maple. This tree grows only 8 to 10 feet tall and wide, making it the perfect plant for those small places where you want a tree, […]