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15 Things I Hate About Your Yard – #6

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – December 17 Too Much Mulch! Just to remind you all that I’ve committed every design mistake that I’m writing about here, I present #6: too much mulch. The illustrating photo was taken in my garden in September. Note: focus on the foreground, not on the purple flowers of Lespedeza thunbergii ‘Spring [...]

A Pause In Planting?

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – October 17 I don’t know about the rest of you who plant in cold climates, but I’m happy that I can’t garden twelve months a year. Yes, I’m sorry to see the vegetables and annuals go, and I will miss the flowers. But it’s pleasing to be able to [...]

Be Here Now

Report From PIA – April 8 We’ve had an amazing stretch of warm weather, better than many days in a typical June in this coastal region. Usually we wear winter coats in April, with the pockets filled with tissues to dab at noses made runny by cold, off-ocean winds. May and June can be dicey [...]

Tending to What’s New

Report From PIA – February 27 This afternoon, as light snow fell and melted on the ground,   I went to the shed to look in on my crate of lettuce seedlings. The shed is solar heated, and last year by mid-February the temperatures didn’t fall much below 35 f. This made us decide to see [...]

A Matter of Focus

Report From PIA – January 26 One reason I love having a dog, is that dogs are always completely and totally present. When you’re putting down the bowl of chow, a dog doesn’t think about the time you forgot to feed him. When you go out, he’s not thinking about how long you’re staying out [...]