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Some Years Are Like That

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – July 4

Today I was remembering a book that I used to read to my kids when they were young. In Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day, by Judith Viorst, the young protagonist bemoans everything that is going wrong, and finishes by saying, “I think […]

Hydrangea Watch

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – January 10

Some in my area are tracking the nor’easter that’s headed our way, but since December I’ve been more focused on minimum temperatures. With our woodstove stoked our house is cozy no matter how cold the night gets, but I’m not following the cold because of personal comfort. […]

The Price of Being In Control

Report From PIA – July 11

So often my consultation clients describe a shrub as being “totally out of control.” This doesn’t mean that the landscaping is rioting, being hysterical or smashing the windows, of course… most often they are just saying that the plants are getting larger.

There are some who prefer all of […]

Lessons From A Plant – Hydrangeas

Report From PIA – April 2

I’m giving a talk on Hydrangeas tomorrow, so Cape Cod’s favorite plant is on my mind. We love them because they have big, bold flowers. We also find them irresistible because many are blue, blue, blue, an uncommon color when it comes to flowers. These shrubs are in bloom […]

Hydrangea Color & Flummoxed Friday

Report From PIA – February 5

I got an email today from a woman who was perplexed about her hydrangeas. “They’ve been blue for several years,” she wrote, “but the last two years they got taller and turned pink.” She wondered if the height and color change were related.

Full disclosure here: the photos below […]

Right Plant/Right Place

Report From PIA – January 17

I gave a talk at Country Garden today, about great plants for Cape Cod. Throughout this presentation I spoke about the importance of putting a plant in a situation that it will grow well. The right plant in the right place, we garden communicators say.

Basically, right plant /right […]

Thanksgiving Eve

Report From PIA – November 25

It was a day when the outdoors, if not the impending holiday, invited quietness. It misty and soft, with fog tucked in the tops of trees and hanging over the lake. I walked around the garden this afternoon, and although there are many plants still in bloom, it was […]

Hydrangea Home

Report From PIA – October 30

I arrived home today after five days spent visiting my mother and family. I am drained… from the travel, a concentrated effort to help my mom, and from putting energy into situations that I can and cannot change. I won’t go into details because you all have families of […]