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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – May 22

Outstanding, extraordinary and sensory. Those are some of the definitions of the adjective sensational. I’m thinking today that these are also the definitions of a garden and the connections that plants and landscapes make between people.

I had several members of my home-landscapers class over for a […]

The Pleasures of the Season

Report From PIA – August 3

One of the joys of growing perennials and flowering shrubs is having the landscape change, even in mid-summer. I love annuals, and the flowers that they produce all summer, but seeing new colors and textures appear in late summer is thrilling…although how did it get to be late summer […]

Do You Garden Large?

Report From PIA – November 18

I got a tweet from landscape designer Duncan Brine the other day, commenting that I am on a “philosophical roll” here at Whole Life Gardening. Duncan’s twitter name is @GardenLarge, and I like his grand approach to gardening.

Duncan does garden large. On his website he says “Nature is […]

Fall Color

Report From PIA – October 15

I’m always willing to get drunk on garden color, from the yellow spring daffodils to the brilliant annuals in August. In the fall, however, colorful foliage not only catches my eye, but my heart as well.

We know that in a few weeks these leaves, and all of this […]

Growth, Please

Report From PIA – September 3

Today, my garden reminds me that growth is always possible. Without going into details here, it suffices to say that I really need to be reminded of that right now.

When I started Report from PIA, I vowed to use these “four seasons of conscious cultivation” to expand my […]

I Love This Plant – Nov 8th

The plant I’m loving in my garden this week is Spiraea thunbergii ‘Ogon’ – wonderful small shrub that has long lasting fall color. But it’s not just fall color that makes this a great plant. ‘Ogon’, also known by the unfortunate name of “Mello Yellow”, has very fine textured foliage and soft, twiggy growth. In […]