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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 21

I’ve featured my bamboo cloches in this blog before so you know how much I love them. Imagine how upset I was when one blew away last week after a night of very strong winds. Despite the weights and ties, one basket broke free and disappeared. I looked […]

X-Factor Gardening

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – November 28

Once again a post from Lois has stimulated my thinking. In her comment two days ago, she said that her philosophy of Cultivating The Inner Gardener “evolved from trying to figure out what the X-factor was in certain gardens that seemed to resonate with everyone who entered […]

Do You Garden Large?

Report From PIA – November 18

I got a tweet from landscape designer Duncan Brine the other day, commenting that I am on a “philosophical roll” here at Whole Life Gardening. Duncan’s twitter name is @GardenLarge, and I like his grand approach to gardening.

Duncan does garden large. On his website he says “Nature is […]

Some Days Are Like That (Go Right To The Photos)

Report From PIA – October 20

When I woke up this morning I immediately saw that it was absolutely magical outside. Some parts of the yard were heavily frosted, while those closer to the lake were covered not with frost, but with fog. I walked around the property in my bathrobe, taking pictures, amazed at […]

Fall Color

Report From PIA – October 15

I’m always willing to get drunk on garden color, from the yellow spring daffodils to the brilliant annuals in August. In the fall, however, colorful foliage not only catches my eye, but my heart as well.

We know that in a few weeks these leaves, and all of this […]

A Joyful Celebration

Report From PIA – October 11

It is well past midnight and after an evening of dancing, cheering, hugging and tearing up I am too spent to write much except this: to be able to celebrate friends, family, faith, love, and yes, flowers, is such a gift. I’m blessed to have all of these in […]

Dogs & Birds

Report From PIA – October 1

In between the errands, design consultations, house chores and writing, it was a day of dogs and birds.

Just before 7 AM I walked The Dog down toward the lake and he disappeared into the woods for a few minutes. I called him, and suddenly he burst out of […]