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When Difficulties Spur Creation

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – May 17

My dog loves to lay in cool, moist dirt. He’ll go into a shady spot and dig into the ground to expose the fresh, damp soil and happily lay down there…no matter what plants I’ve carefully placed and tended in that area. He’s such a dog!

One spot […]

Moss Rocks!

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 27

One of the subjects I address in my most popular garden club talk is moss growth. The myth is that moss in your lawn means that you need to add lime. The truth is that moss is an equal opportunity lawn-colonizer…it’s happy to grow on acidic or alkaline […]


Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 28

According to Wikipedia the first stumpery was designed by Edward William Cooke for an estate in Staffordshire in 1856. The Victorians ran with it from there and I think they were on to something. I love moss and fallen or uprooted trees. Nature puts these together in magical […]

Indicator Weeds

Report From PIA – November 8

As I cleared out the frosted Zinnia and Ageratum in the cutting garden, I noticed that that the sorrel (Rumex acetosa) was creeping into these beds. Sorrel grows best in acidic conditions, so the presence of this weed is a sign that your soil might need lime.

Many of […]