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15 Things I Hate About Your Yard – #11

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – December 23

Plant and Forget Perennial Gardens

Perennials come up every year, so they’re really low-maintenance, right? Wrong. Terribly, horribly incorrect.

Yet this is not only a commonly held belief, but a widespread practice as well. Many people treat perennial beds as plant-and-forget gardens. All too often from the second […]

A Closer Look

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – April 27

It’s so exciting to watch the perennial garden wake up in the spring. Plants that looked winter-worn or dormant two weeks ago are putting on daily growth. Only the most heat-loving perennials such as the hardy hibiscus are taking their time to emerge.

From a distance perennial […]

Life and Perennial Bed Maintenance

Report From PIA – March 11

Last Sunday I spoke about perennial bed maintenance at the Chicago Flower Show, and tomorrow I’ll give the same talk to the Cape Cod Master Gardener’s Backyard Horticultural class. Needless to say, this has me thinking about maintaining perennial gardens and how this relates to other things we want […]

A Balanced Garden

Report From PIA – December 3

This afternoon I arrived home around 2:30, and promptly sat down with my laptop, wondering what I should write about today. As I sat thinking, the small, wisest part of me said, “You won’t find something unless you go out and look.” So I went outdoors to work in […]

Opportunity Knocks

Report From PIA – November 30

Here it is, the last day in November; I’m a quarter of the way into my year of conscious cultivation and my promise to post here every day. The forecast for today was for a warm, cloudy morning followed by rain and dropping temperatures after noon. Clearly, if I […]

To Each His/Her/Its Own

I volunteer for, a free service where people can ask questions about a wide range of topics. I’m listed as an expert on annuals, but people write to me with all kinds of plant questions, and I’m happy to help them out.

Sometimes the person whose question was answered responds with a little note, […]

To Keep, Cut Down, or Throw Away

Report From PIA – November 7

Many of the calls on GardenLine this morning were about fall cleanup: what to cut down, keep or throw away. When I got back from the radio station I did some clipping, dumping and raking myself, and composted this list of guidelines.

1. Anyone who bags leaves and ships […]