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Calibrachoa Flowering

A Gardening Life – January 10

Some years ago when Calibrachoa (aka “million bells”) annuals were new to the market I tried some in the garden and containers. I don’t remember the particular varieties that I planted that year, but I do recall that they were a disappointment. Once it got hot they stopped flowering.


Keeping Flowering Houseplants Alive

The Gardening Life – January 3

Going into a garden center’s greenhouse is dangerous at this time of year. I want to buy everything. Since snow covers the ground and it’s too early to start seeds in northern climates, I have to get my colorful flower fix from indoor plants. This is fine by me, […]

Garden Graphics

One thing I love about winter is being able to see the skeletons of trees. Their framework is endlessly interesting, informative and entertaining. Some trees are filled with tiny twigs while others are sparer or even sleek. One tree sprawls horizontally while another has branches that reach straight upward into the sky.

The bones of […]

Respite and Rejuvenation

Winter is the definition of the word respite: a brief interval of rest. Even the plants in my veggie garden that I’m still harvesting for dinner aren’t actively growing. I cut the chard, lettuce, cilantro and pak choi knowing that they aren’t likely to regrow. Shrubs, perennials and trees that keep their foliage or semi-evergreen […]

Late Harvest

Only one quarter of the veggie garden still contains plants, and these grow thinner as we harvest. Still, to be eating from the garden on the thirteenth of December is a real blessing and we don’t take it lightly. Some of tonight’s dinner came from the garden (chard, kale and pak choi), some from the […]

Free to Explore

I spent part of my day culling through the images in my photo library. It’s embarrassing to admit how many not-too-horrible but definitely not useable photographs I’ve held onto. Some of it is the same belief that causes my basement to be filled with stuff: this might be useful someday…

The baskets, floral supplies, […]

Whole Life Gardening

Even the most assiduous gardener has weeds that need pulling. The most experienced horticulturalist sees plants die. Home landscapers find that areas of their property have gotten away from them and gone wild. Very attentive plant people sometimes feel overwhelmed, distracted, or indifferent about what’s happening in their gardens.

Life. It happens to all of […]

The Garden @

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – August 5

I had great intentions of working for a good, long stretch in the garden today but the humid, 87 degree weather changed my mind. We harvested potatoes, picked basil for pesto, and tied up dahlias this morning but by 10 AM we were sweat-soaked and depleted.

There are […]

Garden Envy

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 26

There was a three-year period in my adult life when I was without my gardens. During this time I mostly stayed away from visiting other landscapes because I was extremely jealous of anyone who was able to grow things.

Once we moved to Cape Cod and I was […]

When Plants Travel

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 19

If you’re a gardener, one of the benefits of traveling is seeing familiar plant in unfamiliar surroundings. Noticing that the Centranthus ruber you carefully cultivate is a weed in parts of Italy, for example, or seeing the same fig you grow in a pot and pull in and […]