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What’s In My Heart Today

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – October 11

Every gardener should leave his or her garden for a week once in awhile. If you’ve gone on vacation during the growing season, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that things change so much in just seven days. In a short time some plants […]

Expressing Gratitude

Report From PIA – July 15

We often forget to walk around our lives with the expressed purpose of communicating love and gratitude. Daily life is busy, after all, and this landscape or these people must surely know that I love it/them, right?

If we turn that back on ourselves, however, we see that this […]

June Is So Green

Report From PIA – May 31

Tomorrow is June 1st. Every year at this time I remember my friend Cia telling me that someone she knew hated June because “it’s so green.” Although I don’t dislike June (too green?) I agree that this month is an in-your-face, all-out-growth time of year.

I think that the […]

Conscious Cultivation

Report From PIA – May 27

When we’re busy just keeping up with all of life’s necessities it’s easy to forget to work on thoughtful growth. At this time of year even my gardening can become a matter of checking things off the to-do list. Today I watered plants, set up sprinklers in the early […]


Report From PIA – March 29

It rained for much of the day here in eastern Massachusetts. The local news warns people who live in flood plains to be ready to evacuate their homes. The soil is fully saturated, so the rainfall won’t be able to soak into the ground.

It rained about a week […]

Earth Hour, Hymns, & The Garden

Report From PIA – March 27

I have to get this posted fairly quickly, because in thirty minutes it will be Earth Hour, and I will turn off my laptop and all of the lights in the house. My husband jokingly asked if we could use our computers on battery, and I shook my head. […]

Ready to Grow

Report From PIA – December 14

You have to admire plants for their willingness to grow. In a crack in asphalt, bit of soil underneath larger plants, or even in the crotches of trees, there will be a plant that’s ready to grow there. We love this can-do attitude when we’re trying to get something […]

Give Me Shelter

Report From PIA – October 29

I was sorting through photos of gardens today, and those that featured structures caught my attention. Arches, arbors, huts and pergolas, all of these called to me.

Such structures are important in the landscape because they provide a framework for the plants. They are the constructions that give interest […]

Exercise, Prayer and Homemade Soup

Report From PIA – October 16

If you’re not feeling tip top – not absolutely depressed, mind you, but just a bit blue and not-quite-up-to-snuff – I recommend the following: exercise, prayer and homemade soup.

It was grey, cold and damp today, and although nothing really terrible is going on in my life, I felt […]

Sparks Fly

I went into the garden in a reflective mood this morning after reading A Sacred Journey at breakfast. An article by Rabbi Robert Freedman and another by Erika Hastings got me thinking about gardening as a form of prayer. Of course it’s possible: anything, art, dance, music, and yes, gardening, can be a way to […]