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Making Sense of Strange Seasons

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 15

Normally, of course, a post at this time of year would be titled Spring Cleaning. But after an amazingly warm winter it seems as if we’ve moved from late fall into the growing season. I have California poppies that have lived through the winter, Liriope that looks as […]

The Creative Process

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 4

Today I was impressed by the biennials in my garden. The perennials are either completely dormant or staying close to the ground. This allows the biennials to dominate and they are taking advantage, soaking up the sun while other plants sleep.

One bed is dotted with Lunaria, another […]

Leaning Toward The Growing Season

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – January 5

I went into the garden center today and was greeted by a new group of Anthuriums in the greenhouse. Wow. They were the outrageous blooms that manage to look tropical, plastic and like 1950’s drapery fabric all at the same time. I immediately felt a case of plant […]

Fall Color

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – November 10

I have a friend who’s a sucker for fall color and at this time of year I know why. It’s dark by five o’clock, and the temperatures are dropping, so we need every opportunity to celebrate the outdoors that we can find. The colorful foliage on deciduous plants […]

The Carrot And The Stick

Garden Reports And Rejoicing – November 9

The weather was wonderfully warm the past two days so I seized the moment and dug my dahlia tubers. In the past I haven’t been too concerned with marking specific colors or types of dahlias, but this season we discovered the downside of that relaxed approach. Somehow we’d […]

A Season of Stark Beauty

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – November 6

We had a very hard frost last night. At dawn I watched the swamp maple leaves falling like rain through the rays of the rising sun. Everything that was left in the annual and perennial beds sparkled. I stood transfixed by how beautiful it was, and then […]

Is The Party Over?

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 31

There was a first, hard frost last night and although the perennials still look pretty good the annuals are blackened, wilted and sad. I’m glad that I went out and picked dahlias, zinnias and peppers last night. The summer bloomer’s party is over, and it’s time to move […]

In, Out, & The Present

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 30

When I look back over my previous years of blog entries I see that it’s typical for us to have a hard frost around the 28th of October. Usually I have all the plants indoors by now, but this year I’ve pushed the limits just a tad. Nighttime […]


Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 25

As we approach the time of first frost on the Cape, gardeners start thinking about how to celebrate the outdoors and the seasons in ways that don’t require flowering plants. Yes, I’m still picking dahlias but we know that these days are numbered. Evergreens, seedpods and seashells will […]

The Birds

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – September 19

When I got back to the house today I found the flock of turkeys making themselves at home. They were bedded down in the field between the house and the lake, and they sat on lawn furniture up near the house. When I went out to water the […]