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Tending to What’s New

Report From PIA – February 27

This afternoon, as light snow fell and melted on the ground, I went to the shed to look in on my crate of lettuce seedlings. The shed is solar heated, and last year by mid-February the temperatures didn’t fall much below 35 f. This made us decide to see […]

Plant and Tend Wisely

Report From PIA – November 28

Two days past Thanksgiving finds me thinking that growing a garden is very similar to cultivating relationships with the people we are connected to.

New friends or family members, like young seedlings, need special attention. Behavior, comments and occasional lapses of consideration might be understood or excused by long-term […]

Some Seeds Never Germinate

Report From PIA – October 8

I can’t imagine that there is a person on this planet that hasn’t sown seeds that failed to germinate. I’m not just talking about seeds that grow into plants, but of all the things we try to grow, in and out of our gardens.

A reader of this blog […]

Tossing Seeds

I was clearing out the front garden last week, pulling oak leaves from where they had caught in the stems of ‘Carefree Celebration’ Roses and Russian sage. I piled the brown leaves in the garden cart and once it was full, pulled them to the side yard where they could be dumped. […]